In Today’s world, time is given the utmost value by everyone. The best way to acquire knowledge about ongoing advances in Clinical field is to browse through the various topics of research in a single platform. To view this in a better and quicker way, Clinics Surgery has implemented various modes like Video Abstracts, Video Papers, Images, and Interactive Medical Cases.

These Various Modes of multimedia helps the reader to have a better understanding of the topic. It even broadens the publisher’s scope of choosing the way they want their paper to get published.


Podcast is a periodic series of video or audio files of the article which the reader can listen to.Clinics Surgery gives importance to reader’s time. In order to make the reader’s use their time effectively, podcasts have been introduced. This is a useful way when the reader wants to understand more about the research having the time constrain. Selected articles will be placed which is easy to listen while travelling or in work.

The files can be viewed on a regular basis when subscribed as they get downloaded automatically into the linked device so it is ready to watch when needed.Clinics Surgery offers varied kinds of podcasts like: Audio podcast, Enhanced podcast, podcast novels. The enhanced podcast synchronise with a scroll of pictures along with the audio. Podcast novels are a group of audio tracks which are placed together and are released over the course of time.


Clinics Surgery implements innovative ways to publish the work of researchers which is comfortable for all the readers and authors. An interactive medical case is the area where the author describes about a specific medical case in the form of series of pictures explaining the case and followed by questionnaire where the reader can assess the level of understanding on the topic.


Clinics Surgery demonstrates powerful images or photo essays along with the information related to the images. This helps clinicians who are practicing or who are in-training to grasp quick information about the current research.


Clinics Surgery believes in advancing research by publishing videos of scientific experiments around the world. It provides the complex details of the experiment in the form of video enabling a better understanding to the reader. This increases the productivity of the author by not wasting time in preparing the whole work in form of article.