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Clinics Surgery is strictly against plagiarism to ensure the scientific research and publishing

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Clinics Surgery trusts on peer-reviewing the articles in order to check the quality and the

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Clinics Surgery is an open access journal which follows the publication guidelines from

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As researchers, you perform extensive pace in progressing crucial knowledge. If you’re ready

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Clinical Surgery

Clinics Surgery is an open access, peer reviewed journal gathering highest quality articles in routine surgery to the most complex procedures, including experimental and highly specialized treatments. The journal aims to provide the readers safe and high-quality care based on an advanced understanding of patients’ needs guided by best practices. Read More

Current Series: April-May 2019

  • • Gastric and Esophageal Cancer
  • • Total Knee Replacement
  • • Cataract Surgery

Recent Articles

Case Report

Diaphragmatic Eventration: An Alarming Finding Diagnosed at an Orthopedic Consultation

Jonczyk M Michael1,3* and Bell Stephen MD2

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Case Report

A Case of Severe Herniation Following a Posterior Component Separation

Danni Lu BS*, Andrew T Bates and Aurora D Pryor

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Podcast is a periodic series of video or audio files of the article which the reader can listen to.Clinics Surgery gives importance to reader’s time. In order to make the reader’s

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Clinics Surgery implements innovative ways to publish the work of researchers which is comfortable for all the readers and authors.

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Clinics Surgery demonstrates powerful images or photo essays along with the information related to the images. This helps clinicians who are practicing or

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Clinics Surgery believes in advancing research by publishing videos of scientific experiments around the world. It provides the complex details of the experiment in the form

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Scientific Advancements

The field of science is an on-going, innovative area which has new ideas emerging each day. Science has collaborated with the developing technology to showcase new ideas in an efficient way.

Clinics Surgery believes in the emerging talent around the globe. In order to publish the work by researchers in a promising way, Clinics Surgery has provided different platforms like Poster Presentations, Paper Presentations. This mode of publish makes the work in a pictographically way, providing the best way of readability.

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Poster Presentation

Posters should contain accurate information about the topic and should be explained more by figures than text. Poster presentations are not research articles, so excessive data about methods, long tables should be avoided and

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Paper Presentation

Clinics Surgery accepts articles in the form of paper presentations as it believes the papers explain the idea of the research in a quick and better way. The paper presentation should be legible and reachable to all kinds of audience. Paper presentation should not

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